Month: May 2016

Memorial Day Flower Ideas


ooking for a last minute planter or hanging basket for Memorial Day weekend? Or just want to add a little more “wow” to your garden? Borella’s Farm Stand has you covered with these beautiful options below.

Sun and Shade

Sometimes it’s important to go back the basics when discussing plant care.


There is a lot of confusion and uncertainty around what kind of, and how much sun and/or shade a flower needs.

Full Sun, half Sun, shade, part shade, 5+ hours of sun, filtered sun, morning sun. These are all terms people use to describe the amount of sun a plant needs. It’s no wonder people are confused!

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Kong Coleus

kongKing Kong was a giant Gorilla that toppled buildings and destroyed cities. His rage has been well documented since the first movie was released in 1933. But when you dig deeper into the massive beast, you see a softer side that feels love and sees beauty in a woman named Ann.

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