kongKing Kong was a giant Gorilla that toppled buildings and destroyed cities. His rage has been well documented since the first movie was released in 1933. But when you dig deeper into the massive beast, you see a softer side that feels love and sees beauty in a woman named Ann.

Kong Coleus possesses many of the same traits as the epic monster, namely its massive size and beauty.

Unlike traditional coleus, Kong Coleus is bigger, WAY bigger. It’s not the height that is so different (somewhere between 18″ -24″), but rather the foliage.

Kong Coleus

The leaves on Kong Coleus grow to be 2x – 3x larger than traditional coleus!

While coleus plants are mostly used to fill in a shady garden bed or as a compliment to other plants in a pot, Kong Coleus is bold enough to take center stage, and be the centerpiece of your design rather than play a second hand role.

Growing conditions are the same for Kong Coleus as they are for traditional coleus. They prefer shady environments and require average amounts of water. They generally do not need to be deadheaded, but if the occasional flower does appear removing it will help promote foliage growth. Pruning is only required to the extent you want to limit the height of your plant.

Kong Coleus1

Other than that, all you need to do is sit back and enjoy the beauty of this plant (adding a King Kong figurine is recommended, but not necessary, and would in no way improve plant health).