Borella’s Farmstand has been growing flowers and vegetables on Long Island for over 60 years. Our employees have over 100 years of combined growing experience, and have watched the industry transform from horses pulling plows in the field, to phone apps that can tell us the exact temperature at 10 different locations in our greenhouse, in real time.

One thing that has not changed, however, is our attention to detail, and our commitment to quality.

Unlike other nurseries and big box stores, all of our plants and flowers are sown here, grown here, and sold here. We literally have our hands in the dirt every step of the way, from planting, to watering, to monitoring and pruning our flowers.

In addition to our hands on approach, there are several other factors that differentiate our flowers.

  1. Seeds and PlantsSeeds
  2. There are many different types, and brands, of seeds and plants. Just like anything else, some are better than others. Some bloom more or less, some require more or less water, some grow bigger than others.

    Through trial and error over the years, we have been able to source the best seeds and plants for each plant variety.

  3. Soil
  4. All soil is not created equal. It may be easy to go into your backyard, shovel some dirt into a pot, and put a plant in it, but rarely will this have the best outcome.

    soilDifferent soils have different PH balances, different nutrients, different porosity, among other attributes. In addition, different plants prefer different growing environments.

    Matching what the flower needs, with the best soil, helps ensure that our flowers have optimal growing conditions.

  5. Food
  6. plant-nutrients

    Just as our bodies need food to grow and operate, so do plants.

    And just as baby needs different nutrients than an adult, a seedling needs much different nutrition than a mature flower.

    Because we are fully integrated into every part of the growing process, we are able to ensure that our plants are receiving the correct nutrients, in the correct amounts at each stage of the growing process.